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NBA 2K18 - Are You Using Getting Buckets Players For Your Team?

NBA 2K18 MyTeam fans don't have a moment of rest as more cards are added to the already huge selection. One of the latest collections is called Getting Buckets and it has players that have no match when it comes to points scoring. These players are not just great scorers but also versatile team additions. Each player from the collection is characterized by a unique scoring style. There are different color players from diverse teams that are waiting to be collected. 

Sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and one special diamond card compel players to open packs from this collection. The three sapphire cards are Julius Erving, Al Jefferson, and Chandler Parsons. Erving represents Philadelphia 76ers and comes with badges like Relentless Finisher and Acrobat. Al Jefferson is a 32 years old player who began his career in 2004 and played for Utah Jazz, the team he is representing for this collection, in 2010. He was with this team for three seasons. Chandler Parsons is a great small forward card. Donyell Marshall, Rick Barry, and Tom Chambers are some of the available ruby players. Marshall is a power forward player with 90 in open shot three rating. Barry has 90 in draw foul. Tom Chambers is a power forward player that represents the Phoenix Suns. Vince Carter is an amethyst player and a member of the New Jersey Nets, a team he was part of for five years starting with 2004. Some of his best attributes are 98 driving dunk and 88 open shot three. Allen Iverson is here to represent the Denver Nuggets. This amethyst card comes with badges like Relentless Finisher. From Boston Celtics, we have Paul Pierce. This small forward card has an amazing 95 open shot three rating. 

Getting Buckets is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam collection that rewards commitment and perseverance with a diamond card and NBA 2K18 MT. Players who acquire all items get Orlando Magic's Penny Hardaway. The now retired point guard has an impressive height of 6 feet, 7 inches. That is 2.01 meters. Speed and strength are some of his best stats.